Port of La Rochelle

La Rochelle Boatage Services

Historical and development of the company

Company created in 02/07/1968 in the SCOP form. Change status in August 01, 2013. The company turned in the form of SAS after the agreement of the Minister of the productive recovery and the Minister of economy and finance. 20 people are today within this structure. Bruno HUET was appointed President, Daniel Tisserandappointed General Manager.


  • 1. Boatageservices companies are subject to approval of the Director General of the port:
  • 2. Activity governed by:
  • The specialport police regulations
  • The general rules of police in seaports
  • Arrestedprefectural
  • Transportation code
  • The GPMLR operating rules


  • Member of SPLMNA (professional boatage trade union of the Channel, North Sea and Atlantic ports)
  • Member of EBA (European Boatmen Association)
  • Member of IBLA (International Boatmen and Linesmen Association)
  • Member of UMLR (Maritime Union of La Rochelle port)


  • Mooring, unmooring and shifting of ships in trading ports of La Rochelle-Pallice, Rochefortand Tonnay-Charente
  • Seatransfer;
  • Relief of crew, foodsupplies, surveyorseatransfer
  • Sea trials, conveying and additional crew for specific manoeuvresor crew understaffed
  • Coastaland harbortowage;
  • Stationary dredges, TP marine gear
  • Towage assistance to the manoeuvresof berthing and unberthingof ships < 100 m without bow thruster
  • River services or conduct in inland waters:
  • Conducting barges up to 55 meters
  • River towage

Public service missions:

  • Environmentalprotection (fightagainstmarine oilpollution) withinthe administrative boundariesof port.
  • Shore POLMAR plan integrated
  • Professional assistance and salvage under requisition of the PREMAR(ROKIA DELM
  • Qualities to practice
  • Control and precision manoeuvring with workboat
  • Careful between the dock and the vessel
  • Permanent danger; most exposed claimant during the phases of berthing of vessels
  • Work in pairs, mutual vigilance
  • Ability to night work
  • Ability to work in bad weather
  • Being in good physical shape
  • Know pass on his experience 


  • Président ispatentedCapitain3000 UMS, STCW 2010
  • General manager ispatentedChief engineer3000 KW, STCW 2010
  • 2 Chief operating patentedCapitain200UMS and Engineer750 KW, STCW 2010
  • 7 Skippers patentedCaptain200UMS and Engineer250 KW, STCW 2010
  • 2 BoatswainpatentedSTCW 2010
  • 6 Deck-hand patentedSTCW 2010
  • 1 Uccountingsecretary



  • Rue du Dahomey, terre-plein Nord de l’écluse
  • BP 2040, 17000 La Rochelle-Cedex


  • Bruno Huet