European Boatmen Welcome New Officers


European Boatmen welcome new Officers

The Belgian Boatmen Association was delighted to have the opportunity to host the yearly EBA-congress 2016 in the City of Ghent.  The aim of these events is to give boatmen from all over Europe the opportunity to share experience, thoughts,… as well as having a good time together to improve cooperation and togetherness.

During the meeting of the board of directors Michael Jansen, President of the EBA and chairman of the meeting, expressed his decision to step down.   Michael Jansen had been President of the EBA since 2007.  During this period he played a very active and constructive role in e.g. the discussions – and the final compromise – regarding the Port Regulation, the legal European framework for organising the port services and financial transparency for ports in Europe.

The EBA expressed her deep respect and gratitude for everything Michael has achieved and was delighted to hear that Michael Jansen, will stay in the Board, representing the German National Boatmen.

In the light of the foregoing, new officers had to be elected and the Board of Directors proposed to the annual general meeting the following new directors for appointment:

-President Alessandro Serra, Italy. (Angopi)

-Vice-President: Marc Rutili, France (ANLPF)

-Secretary-general : Bob Janssens, (Belgium Boatmen Association)

And for re-election:

– Vice President : José Ángel Arrillaga,Spain  (AEA)

Treasurer.Erik de Neef, The Netherlands (KRVE)

All these officers were unanimously (re-) elected during the General meeting.

The new elected Chairman, Alessandro Serra, expressed his aim to re-shaping the future of the EBA in view of strengthening her voice all over Europe and in Brussels and to enhancing the cooperation between the different maritime stake-holders.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016